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Over the Collar Bandanas

Not your normal bandana!!  Tired of seeing a small piece of fabric spinning around a dogs neck with a knot flapping in the breeze, a new model need to be created. This adjustable bandana will fits around your dogs neck comfortably without him/her ever noticing.


Not only are the visors adorable but also neccessary to help protect your dogs eyes. Many dogs develope cataracts due to no protection from the sun. Keeping the visor snug is a must for dogs. With the proper size most dogs get use to it within a few days. The velcro under the chin secures it snugly. 

Leather Collars

 Get noticed with these genuine soft leather collars.  Whether it's rhinestones, spikes, round spots or conchos all are riveted in the leather.  Most are made to order although a few are in stock.


Who's your team?

With the popular Over-the-Collar Bandana, a bow or bow tie you can support your team. Many to choose from or request yours if we don't have it.


Don't forget your pet when the holidays roll around.

We have one for every month. If your looking for that special holiday that we don't have please drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you.


From charms to bows to straight ties. These products change frequently so check often.


We all like a sale.

 We often get a good price on our material and will be passing the savings on to you. This will be a constant changing page.

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